40' Championship Obstacle Course

40' Championship Obstacle Course

    • Actual Size: 40'L x 10'W x 13'H
    • Setup Area: For your children's safety, we require a 6 foot clearance around the entrance and exit & a 6 foot clearance from any overhead lines
    • Outlets: 1 Electrical outlet required. Froggy Hops provides a 12 gauge outdoor extension cord that is 100 feet long. This is included for FREE with every inflatable rental!

    • $399.00
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Line up! This 2-Lane inflatable obstacle course towers above its competition! For over 40 feet, participants must fling themselves through, between, under, and around obstacles to the final climbing wall that stands 13 FEET HIGH!  This 40' Championship Obstacle Challenge features tunnels, vertical pop-ups, horizontal log obstacles, climbing walls, and a 13 foot tall slide.  All the extra obstacles will provide fun and active entertainment for particpants and viewers for hours!  This inflatable obstacle course is perfect for younger kids at a birthday party or school carnival, but do not be fooled.... it is even more hilarious and challenging to watch older participants at company picnics and senior all-night parties as they try to maneuver the obstacles.  This colorful course is fit for boys and girls ages 2-102!  In addition to the numerous obstacles, this course features an inflatable entrance area that keeps excited kids safe as they scramble onto the course.   There are side windows with safety netting surrounding the course that contain the most ambitious kids and keep them from falling out, but make it easy for supervision to view the excited activities inside.  Additionally, the side-windows offer lots of opportunity for air-flow to keep the runners cool.  There are staggered climbing grips that make it easy for the younger (and older) particpants as they ascend to new heights on the climbing wall.  Once over the wall, they can slide down to claim their victory! The slide is covered in a non-wax slippery slide surface that sends climbers gliding down smoothly and quickly and prevents screeching and burning sensations.  The safety netting on the top of the slide area provides some shade for the participants and keeps ambitious kids inside the course even at the top-most heights.  With two identical lanes for racing, the 40'Championship Obstacle Challenge lends easily to a little friendly competition or just backyard fun!  Upon completion of the course, there is a tall inflatable stopper that keeps participants from sliding off the end.  Although the obstacle course provides hours of fun, the line of waiting participants is quick-moving and kids (or adults) get lots of turns running through, which makes it perfect for school carnivals, church events, or large city festivals where the number of guests can be enormous.  Nevertheless, obstacle courses are the new norm replacing traditional bounce house rentals at backyard parties in addition to larger events!

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40' Obstacle Course and bounce house in school gym

Features of the 40' Championship Obstacle Course:

  • Over 40 Feet of Obstacles
  • Colorful Classic Design
  • Themed for Boys and Girls
  • Fit for Ages 2-102
  • Tunnels
  • Vertical Inflatable Pop-Ups
  • Squeeze-Play Obstacles
  • Horizonal Inflatable Log Obstacles
  • Climbing Walls
  • 13' Tall Slide
  • Inflatable Safety Ramp Entrance
  • Side Windows with Safety Netting
  • Safety Netting on top of Slide
  • Staggered Climbing Grips
  • Non-Wax Slippery Slide Surface
  • Inflatable Safety Slide-Stop
  • Fast-Moving Lines
  • Combined Total Weight of Participants Not to Exceed 600 lbs
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Skyview of 40' Championship Obstacle Challenge

Entrance area of 40' Championship Obstacle Challenge

Climbing wall to top of the 13 foot slide on obstacle course

Top-view of obstacles inside inflatable obstacle course rental

Young girl inside 40' Championship Obstacle Challenge

Boulder obstacles inside 40 Championship Obstacle Challenge

Inflatable logs and pop-up obstacles inside inflatable rental by Froggy Hops

Climbing wall inside Inflatable Obstacle course

Slide view from the top of the climbing wall on the inflatable obstacle course

Side view of Obstacle Course

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